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Pasquale Iannone serves as Keter Group’s Chief Financial Officer. He maintains oversight of the international firm’s financial matters and Information Technology, delivering measurable positive outcomes throughout the unit’s operations. As the company’s senior financial adviser, he provides executive management with accurate financial data to enable informed decisions that drive company growth.

Pasquale Iannone’s Keter Group tenure began in 2015, when he was hired to be the chief financial officer of Keter Italia. By 2018, he was the CFO of Keter’s European operations and was made full CFO of Keter Group in July 2019.

He maintains financial oversight of Keter’s 24 manufacturing plants, which provide products for close to 100 countries, and has worked to standardize the company’s business and financial reporting from these entities.

Prior to joining the firm, he worked for 15 years in finance-related roles at Procter & Gamble, where he served as the CFO for P&G’s Prestige Product line, and De Agostini gaming, where he also ascended to CFO. De Agostini’s gaming business was later acquired by Keter.

Iannone is now leading Keter’s financial decisions in the post-pandemic world, with its changed economics and new ideas on sustainability and diversity. Pasquale Iannone recognizes these changes will be impactful for Keter and its customer base, and looks to provide financial solutions that help all stakeholders.

Keter Group manufactures durable, high-quality outdoor furniture and leisure products. These lines are joined by the firm’s home organization, tool storage, and outdoor storage solutions.

Keter Group’s dedication to a circular economy drives its use of recycled materials in all its resin-based products. Within its industry, the company is the largest-scale user of postconsumer and postindustrial plastics in its manufacturing operations. Every year, Keter Group’s creative product team continues to innovate and bring new, sustainably focused consumer products to the marketplace.

Pasquale Iannone Keter

Pasquale Iannone - Keter Group Chief Financial Officer

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